Sunday, 28 October 2018

I don't like Snickers bars

The most popular candy bar in the world is a Snickers bar. Everybody seems to love them.

Not me. I can't stand them.

I love a good Mars bar with its soft nougat and stringy caramel.  But when you throw peanuts into the mix, I'm outta here. (Don't get me wrong. I like peanuts. Just not in a Snickers bar. A Payday bar, Butterfinger, or a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, no problem. But Snickers? Ew.)

Snickers bars have a weird taste to me.  Is it the peanuts with the nougat?  Peanuts with the caramel? Some strange synergy between all three?   (I wonder if there is a difference in the nougat recipe between a Mars bar and a Snickers?)

Every once in a while (usually in a moment of desperation), I'll try a Snickers bar. Every time I remember why I don't like it.  One of these fine days I'll do a proper experiment and analyse exactly what it is I don't like about a Snickers bar.

Over to you: Do you like or loathe a Snickers bar?  Why?

Her Grace will be handing out books and Tiny Teddies for Halloween. But absolutely no Snickers bars. At. All.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

TRR Year End Splash

Come party with me and my fellow authors at The Romance Reviews Year End Splash.

Games! Fun! Hundreds of prizes to be won, including a copy of my ghost love story from World War I,  The White Feather, published by The Wild Rose Press.

Who all's coming?

Tory Richards
Susan Carlisle
Jenna Jaxon
Tina Donahue
Dave Riese
Nichole D Evans
A. Zavarelli
Ilona Fridl
Peggy Jaeger
Lia Davis
Anne Barwell
Laura A. Barnes
Joanne Guidoccio
Maureen Bonatch
Sherri Fulmer Moorer
A P von K'Ory
Peiri Ann
Eva Gordon
Annie Hoff
Iyana Jenna
Avid Publishing LLC
Kenn Dahll
Claire Gem
Emma Leigh Reed
Nikki Brock
Harry F. Rey
Linda Tillis
P.T. Macias
Kristen Terrette
Krista Lakes
Lotchie Burton
G. L. Rockey
Skye McNeil
Marina Martindale
Marianne Petit
Sue Owens Wright
Anna-Marie Abell
M. Garnet
Lynn Shurr
Verna Clay
Erica Ridley
Marie Harte
Sharon Buchbinder
Marie Tuhart
Chris Karlsen
Tessa McFionn
Charlene Raddon
M. Lee Prescott
Dahlia Donovan
Katie Mettner
Ann Swann
Allie Ritch
P.L. Parker
Lynda Rees
Tinthia Clemant
Maggie Tideswell
Denise Carbo
Seelie Kay
Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
T. Strange
Caroline Clemmons
PJ Friel
Lily Graison
Linda H. Bost
Dave Riese
Annie Rose Welch
Skye McNeil
Rachael Richey
Rose Wulf
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Fiona Zedde
Joanne Sexton
Mary Martinez
Laurel Richards
Lynette Sofras
Jaye Frances
Sagan Morrow
Tanya Wilde
Marie Lavender
Tawna Fenske
Ella Quinn
Eleanor Webster
Saralee Etter
Anna Hague
CeeRee Fields
Phillip Vega
S. Peters-Davis
Seelie Kay
Linda H. Bost
JL Merrow
Arielle Hart and Andreas Beernt
Afton Locke
Lindsay Evans
Allyson Young
Ryan Jo Summers
Heidi Wessman Kneale  (me!)
Shiela Stewart
Cat Dubie
Aurrora St. James
Daryl Devore
Nana Prah
Margaret L. Carter
Daphne Dubois
Diane Saxon
Anne Kane
Pamela Woods-Jackson
NJ Damschroder
Leigh Podgorski
Grea Alexander
Stephen B King
Stacy Juba
Jana Richards
Tina Susedik
April Kelley
J.R. White
Elise Whyles
Shanna Hatfield
Julia London
Lorhainne Eckhart
Terri Osburn
Tiffany Reisz
Sarah Marsh
Donna Steele
DeAnn Smallwood
Jenn Langston
Kathleen Ball
Sara Harris
L. B. La Vigne
Lilli Carlisle
Faye Hall
Cassandra Dean
Jean C. Gordon
Lea Bronsen
Juli D. Revezzo
Mistral Dawn
Patricia Bates
Amber Daulton
Jamieson Wolf
Cheryl Phipps
Jaqui Wells
Iona Morrison
Carra Copelin
Sharon Karaa
Barbara Monajem
June Kramin
Larion Wills
Donna Dalton
Ann Herrick
January Bain
Stephanie Cage
Ariel Storm
Helen C. Johannes
L.D. Rose
Tanya Sands
Kristal Dawn Harris

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Happy Book Birthday - Part II

Happy Book Birthday
Bride of the Dark
Joining her sibling today
18 Oct 2018

To save everyone she knows and loves, Adrastea agreed to marry Mor-Lath, God of the Dark. But what does Mor-Lath get?

The mystery behind his reason for the marriage deepens as he introduces her to his priestesses, his library, and even the God of the Light. The only place he didn't introduce to her was his bed.

This baffles her. Without consummation, the marriage isn't complete in Adrastea's eyes, making her the bride, but not a wife.

Why did he marry her? An ancient prophecy provides both the reason and the reluctance of Mor-Lath when it comes to his bride, and that which he desires most could also be the one thing that destroys them both.

Where to buyAmazon | Books2Read (universal link to many of your favourite retailers)  

Her Grace is having triplets.

Thursday, 11 October 2018


God of the Dark, first book in the Of The Dark trilogy, is out today!

Adrastea, a simple country healer, is surprised to receive a marriage proposal from the Dark God Mor-Lath. As a devotee of a rival god, of course she turns him down. She was raised on chilling tales of this Chthonic being who drags the souls of the unrepentant to Dom-al-gol. Adrastea loves her simple country life of brewing medicines and saving lives. Marriage to Mor-Lath would greatly complicate things. Besides, why would the Dark God propose to her?

Undaunted by her refusal, Mor-Lath insists on courting her. Sometimes he is charming, winning over the other villagers, but other times, she sees him for the dark god he truly is. He refuses to let anyone stand in his way. While he makes it clear he'll only have her willingly, he's making it very difficult for her to say no. She wonders, what is he really after?

Adrastea faces a quandary: if she accepts the Dark God's marriage proposal, she'll lose her very soul. But if she rejects it, the world itself and everything in it might be at stake. Either way, the price is too high.

So celebrate with me and grab your copy today. Because this is a series leader, the launch price is a mere US$0.99. (If you were on my mailing list, you could have gotten it for free...)  You have no reason not to grab your copy today. However, do not procrastinate your well-meaning book buying, for the price won't remain at this forever.

| Amazon | Barnes & Noble (Nook) | Kobo Books | Books2Read | Smashwords | iBooks (Apple)Goodreads | ...pretty much wherever all good ebooks are sold.

For those who love the heft of a dead tree book in their hands, the trade paperback version will be released on 26 Oct 2018. If you don't want to splurge on your own paperback copy, please encourage your local library to order it.  ISBN: 978-0648422815  If you're Australian, I strongly encourage you to get your local library to order it, as Australian libraries need more Aussie authors on their shelves. Log in to your local library's web page and make a request from Overdrive or Bibliotheca, or ask that really nice librarian at the desk. Go for the one with cool coloured hair or the quirky dress sense (because they're awesome).

Her Grace celebrated with some lovely wood-smoked salmon for lunch, followed by a nice Cleobuttera molten lava mug cake.

P.S.: Congratulations, it's triplets! Head back here next week for more good news.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Audiobook fun and giveaways

I've just finished uploading the completed audiobook files for Her Endearing Young Charms to my distributor Findaway Voices.  They'll go through Quality Assurance (QA) and then, hopefully, be released to the world in a few weeks.

Thank goodness that project is out of the way. I've got a book birthday coming up on Thursday, then another one the week after that, then a third one by the end of the month.

While I was posting First Lines for God of the Dark, I slacked off (as you noticed), because life got really busy because book birthdays.  Let me know if you'd like me to finish them off, or if you don't care. Comments are our mutual friends.

After all, we've got a party on Thursday.

Meanwhile, everyone on my mailing list will get a free copy of God of the Dark this weekend in their preferred format (.epub or .mobi for Kindle). All I ask is that you leave an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, or the review site of your choice. Sign up for my mailing list now, if you're interested.

As soon as Her Endearing Young Charms is out in audiobook format, I'll have some free Audible codes (US or UK only) to be giving away to my peeps on the mailing list, because I love them bestest.

Her Grace has no idea what she's doing for NaNoWriMo.