Saturday, 30 April 2016


I'm sure you've noticed the datestamp on this post.

Yes, I was supposed to post Y yesterday, but things happen.

A few days ago Second Ladyship asked me what kind of superpower I would like. I told her I would like power over Time. I wish I could hoard or spend time the way I do money. Sometimes, like the next few weeks, I've got too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. Other times I've got a spare five minutes and nothing really useful with which to fill it. If only I could squirrel away those five minute coins into a really useful hour's worth of free time, that would be marvelous.

This week I have:

  • A book fair coming up. Have a few things left to prep for this.
  • Collaboration with other post-grad students on a science mission to Saturn's moon of Enceladus.
  • Analysis paper on all the missions to Mars (Viking, Curiosity, etc) in relation to astrobiology.
  • Massive cleaning.
Three of those things are really cool. One of them is not. They are all taking up my time.

List of things I wish I was doing this week, but don't have time:
  • Writing. Yep, I won't get a single word of fiction in over the next couple of weeks. Sorry, Amanda.
  • More promo for Her Endearing Young Charms, which is out 20 May.
  • Painting that long-overdue mural on my office wall.
  • Binge-watching something on TV. Normally I get maybe an hour or so a week. Yes, I spend more time exercising in the pool than I do watching TV.
  • Reading. Have several books I bought in my TBR pile a few weeks ago that I haven't gotten around to cracking yet.
  • Sit at the beach on a warm Djeran afternoon.
Things I'm glad I don't have to do this week:
  • taxes
  • full-time Day Job work
  • piano practice
  • lawnmowing
  • riding the bus due to a broken-down car
  • social work
So here's to Yesterday.

Why yes, I am a fan of The Beatles.

If you're also a fan, you might enjoy fellow blogger, music enthusiast, author, and fellow Woodland Creature (and regular Carkoon resident) Colin Smith's A to Z challenge dedicated to flash fiction inspired by Paul McCartney songs. It's so cool; check it out.

Her Grace may forgo blogging for a few weeks while she finishes her astrobiology obligations.

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