Tuesday, 27 March 2018

No A to Z?

Now I know how Chuck Norris feels.
As You Know, Bob, I've participate in the A to Z Challenge for several years.

However, I'm not doing it this year due to time constraints. Notice how I haven't posted to the blog in yonks? That's because I've been working full time, plus parenting teenagers, plus teaching a morning class, plus my own Astro studies, plus getting three novels ready for publication this year, and Guilder to frame for it. I'm swamped.

While A to Z has been marvelous in the past for drawing in new readers, I simply don't have the time this year to devote.

This is a shame, for several months ago I started sketching ideas. I was going to do Astronomy again, and had come up with some spiffy ideas, some of which I might have lost during the death of a computer. Dunno. Haven't had time to go see what happened to certain minutiae.

Maybe next year. Or maybe at some random, non-April time, when I feel the itch to wax eloquent about the heavens above.

Meanwhile, feel free to ignore my blog until I have the time to be interesting once more.

Or go download the audiobook version of "A Lady of Many Charms and Other Stories".  I hear the narrator did a good job.  Google Play | Audible.au

Her Grace doesn't have the time to give a flying foxtrot.