Friday, 15 April 2016

Mmmm.... Mysteries

(Well, Julie Weathers, we're talking mysteries today!)

I love a good Mystery. Cozies are fun. I can’t say I’ve read a whole lot of them compared to the SFF and Romance I’ve devoured, but the few I do read, I quite enjoy. Who isn’t a sucker for Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot or The Cat Who...? There’s a few others I’ve read over the years and sometimes they scratch that itch I get once in a while to be intellectually challenged without being called to account.

I like trying to figure out the whodunnit as I read along. Was I right? Did I get it? If I do, cool. Gold star for me. If I don’t, I marvel at the cleverness of the plot.

Question: if you read mysteries, do you try to figure it out, or do you just cruise along for the ride?
Her Grace likes an occasional Mystery in her escapist repertoire because, unlike real life, she gets to learn how it all wraps up.


E.M. Goldsmith said...

I love cozies. They are my favorite "beach" read and I always try to figure it out to see if the author is playing fair. Also, my father writes mysteries so I am a bit bias.

Celia Reaves said...

I'm a lazy mystery reader. I don't actively try to figure out the answer. If I get there before the story does, I'm disappointed! But I love reading them. The journey around all those twists and turns is a lot of fun!

Me said...

I try to figure it out all the time, but I usually can't and that's what makes those books so good! Agatha Christie was really a queen in her genre. Poirot always is twenty steps ahead of me.

John Frain said...

Funny you posed that question because I was already thinking of the answer. I think most people do it your way and try to figure it out. I TRY to sit back and enjoy the read without trying to figure the mystery out, but sometimes it's hard to stop your mind from going that way. When I do, I'm always happy if there's a twist and I was marching down the wrong path.

Anonymous said...

Haha on the gold star!

I love reading cozies and I mostly don't know who did it - actually my guess is usually the person on the fringes but that's not always true. More than once I've been surprised by "whodunit" and then I close the book and marvel at my stupidity: "How did I NOT see that?"