Friday, 8 April 2016

Good Books

We all have our own tastes. We all have our own definition of Good Books.

To classify as a Good Book to me, I look for the following:

  • Satisfying storyline. It doesn't have to be an HEA, but it must satisfy in some way. This also includes:
  • A resolved plot. Nothing annoys me more than an unresolved plot. Hate it when I don't know how the story ends. Actually, I can't think of anyone who does. For me, this also includes those ambiguous endings where it's up to the reader to come to their own conclusions.
  • Good pace. Too slow, and you'll lose me. Too fast and the book will feel like it's over way too soon.
  • At least one likeable main character. If I don't like any of the main characters, I'm not going to be interested in their stories. I want at least one character to root for.
  • Does not contain the Verboten Topics. There are some things about which I simply refuse to read. Everyone's list is different, but mine includes things such as child abuse, Very Unhappy Endings, and a few other topics. 
Question: What qualifies a book as Good to you?

Her Grace is under no obligation to finish a book that is not working for her.


E.M. Goldsmith said...

A great read includes great characters, a good story, and a satisfying arc for at least one MC. I like to see the tragically flawed protagonist overcome and rise despite his or her shortcomings. That is what does it for me. Oh, and I like a positive ending. I am getting tired of the trend of tragic endings we so often see these days.

John Frain said...

I need an "interesting" MC, but not necessarily likeable. My example: the protagonist in A Pleasure and a Calling is a fascinating guy who kinda lives by his own code. I promise you I would not like him as my neighbor, but oh my was he captivating to read about.

Also, I've come to learn I like a positive ending as well. It's what I like about crime novels. As opposed to real life, the good guy usually wins and the bad guy loses. Or, at least, some version of that.

Nice post, Heidi. Thanks.