Saturday, 9 April 2016

Hard Decisions

Today is TASE Day, because I've had a hard week.

I had to make some Hard Decisions a few days ago and it broke my heart. Broke it so much, I couldn't commit myself to the decision. Took me all night and much of next morning, and then when it came time to make the decision, I broke down.

Fortunately, I was offered a third choice, which I immediately took. It was the best choice for everyone.

Here's the full story: Courageous Orange

Still, every choice comes with consequenses. This one involved me owing someone a Really Big Favour. To help repay this favour, I've got a GoFundMe campaign going.

Question: have you ever had to make a decision that was so hard it left its permanent mark on your soul?

Her Grace has burned so much emotional energy that, at the end of it, the only thing she could do was read a book. Sleep was not an option. Her brain kept replaying the difficult decision and wouldn't shut up. She needed a good escapist story to quiet it down and distract her and give her heart a chance to start healing.

No, she will not tell you the title of the book.

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Celia Reaves said...

What a lovely story. I wish for Courageous Orange a warm and loving home - and I wish for someone out there a warm and loving companion.