Thursday, 21 April 2016


By 橘川琉璃 
Admit it. You're here because you enjoy reading.

Me too.

There's something addictive about reading a book. I read for escapism, to be entertained and to be educated.

Growing up, I was used to everyone around me reading. It wasn't until I got to university that I encountered people who didn't read. (!!!OMG!!!) It astounded me. How could anyone not read? That was like, how can anyone not eat every day or sleep? I always had a novel in my bag.

Reading is not like chocolate, where, if someone doesn't like reading, it means more books for the rest of us. Quite the opposite. Books thrive on having lots and lots of readers. The more readers there are, the more books there are. They feed off each other like symbiotes.

By gum, everyone should read, even if their reasons for reading differ.

Question: Why do you read?

During and after university, I found myself in a world that had fewer and fewer readers. Soon, it seemed like nobody ever read. However, once I became an author, the readers came out of hiding. "You've written a book? I'd love to read it."

Sure. Go right ahead. I've written several.

Her Grace shall always be surrounded by books, no matter their format.

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Me said...

I read because it makes me dream. It shows me a life outside my own. Possibilities.