Saturday, 16 April 2016

New Books

Onderwijsgek loves a new book.
There is a certain thrill I get when I see a new book out by an author I enjoy. I go all fangirly and I must have it.

'New' doesn't necessarily mean recently published. If I've discovered an author who's been around for yonks, read everything of theirs I could find, and then something else of theirs shows up--a previously unknown series--that's just as good as if they'd newly published something.

Rather, it's a blend of something new with something old. I know and love certain authors. They're familiar and comforting. So when they have something new come out, I have a pretty good idea what I can expect. But it's a new story taking me to new places in the company of someone I know. A literary road trip with friends.

I don't feel the same when I see a book by an author I haven't read, even if it's a book with themes I adore. It's like I'm a bit skeptical until I can meet the author's work and fall in love.

Then the second book? Squee.

Question: What makes you get excited over a new book?

Her Grace used to feel like this over every book she's never read. But now she's settling in her old age and her tastes are refining and defining themselves.

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Celia Reaves said...

People invented the term "binge watching " to describe soaking up a TV series as quickly as possible, but we readers have been doing that with book series forever!