Monday, 25 April 2016

Ode to an Unwanted Paperback

April is.... National Poetry Month.

I've received a poem a day in my email. Some I like, some aren't to my taste.

Today I got a hardcopy proof of my next novel. As I lifted it from its package, the emotional response inspired this poem. Also, it's cold, wet and rainy today.

Ode to an Unwanted Paperback

As everyone else hurried by, I stopped.
I saw you lying on the sidewalk, soaking in the rain,
Your soggy pages melting into unreadable mush.
Your title didn't interest me, yet I did not pass by.
(Work doesn't interest me either, so I hesitated.)
Did someone drop you? Is that why you're there?
Did someone toss you out, an unwanted paperback?
Or are they mourning your loss, wondering
How you fell out of the bag?
No one will pick you up now.
Yet I know, at one time, in one place,
Someone loved you very much,
Even if it was only your mother.

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