Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A to Z Challenge: Randomosity

Here is a list of Randomosity:

  1. You can tell how hot a star is based on its colour. The hotter a star is, the bluer it appears. Thus, the red ones are cooler.
  2. Once Feminism reaches its true beneficent goals, it will cease to exist. Feminism is okay with this.
  3. Most flat buttons are either two holes, or four holes. The even numbered holes are easier to sew on by machine. Four-holed buttons provide a stronger connection. However, three hole buttons do exist, even though they tend to be rarer. For some reason, certain snobs think that three hole buttons  means that the buttons must be sewn on by hand. (Like that is any guarantee of quality!)
  4. Popular and wildly successful children's band The Wiggles is descended from an Aussie pub rock band called The Cockroaches.
  5. Everybody's name has a meaning. Mine means "Noble Champion". What does yours mean?
  6. Clinical depression may be a medical condition requiring medication, but the random Blues can be solved by indulging in something uplifting and funny. Don't wallow in the Blues. The Blues, if left untreated, can turn into clinical depression and really, that's not fun.
  7. Read a random article in Wikipedia. Report here what it was.

Her Grace would love to hear a random fact from you. That's what comments are for.

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