Monday, 6 April 2015

A to Z Challenge: Envelopes

I confess a fondness for envelopes.

Whenever we get post, I'll carefully slit open the envelope at the left end (never the top!) and slide out the post. Most of the time it's something like a bill or school communication or even well-dressed junk mail. Whatever. That gets filed (cabinet, folder or round) depending on its significance, but the envelope is what I truly wanted.

On my desk, under my keyboard, is where the empty envelopes go.

This is my collection of scratch paper. I will sketch out my lists and notes on the backs of these envelopes (that's why they must be opened carefully, so to preserve their neatness and integrity).

I tried a regular notepad, but it simply didn't do. I don't know what it is about the envelopes, but they have an appealing charm. Maybe they are the right size and heft, to give my lists a substantiability.

The envelopes have to be used. I cannot use a pristine, unposted envelope. I feel I'm ruining its potential when I use it thus. But the posted ones, the ones that most people would simply throw away?

To me, they are gold.

Her Grace is a listmaker. Also, for brainstorming, she prefers the sturdiness of an old envelope, as napkins, the traditional brainstormer's stationery, are too flimsy for her taste.

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DA Cairns said...

That's a very romantic view of envelopes. I use them as note pads too, among a plethora of other scraps of paper (whatever I can lay my hands on) but I am not careful when opening them. If they survive to be re used, well and good. If not, so be it.