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A to Z Challenge: M2 - Marketing

Today is one of several M posts because there are many M things I'd like to talk about, and I couldn't choose just one.

One of the necessary evils of being a professional author is the Marketing. Writing the book is the easy part. Getting enough people to know about it enough for them to want to buy it is another.

I thought about writing about how difficult I find marketing, or about various techniques I've employed, or a Top Ten of marketing blogs, how Word-of-Mouth is the best marketing technique around or even just a Link Soup to other people's marketing opinions, but I thought, no. I might as well use this blog entry to share what it is I'm trying to market. that would be the most effective use of a blog entitled "Marketing".

Go buy my books.  Isn't that what marketing is all about?  It helps that I've written some pretty good stories (my editor and publisher agree. So do other readers). If you enjoy Romance and escapist fiction, check them out. Even if you don't buy my books, feel free to Tell Someone About Them.

About the Author

I'm a novelist. I write books, full-length and novellas. I've written a good double-handful of them. Now I'm in the process of polishing the better ones for publication.

I love Escapist fiction. Reality gets me down more often than not, and a good book rescues me from the Black Doghouse. Because of this, I prefer Romance (escapist fiction with a happy ending), Science Fiction and Fantasy.

My novels reflect that.

I have two novellas out currently, with a third due for release in February. Before then, I am working on an indie novella I hope to have released before the end of the year.

Would you like to ask me any questions?

Her Grace's Current Releases

As Good As Gold

Daywen Athalia wants love--true and lasting. Fearing a future of bitter loneliness, she seeks help from a gypsy woman. The price: a hundred pieces of gold. Daywen's never had two shillings to rub together in her life. Where's she going to find a  hundred gold pieces? 

Bel MacEuros made a career of theft from fey creatures. When the cursed gold he rightfully stole from a gnome is taken from him by Daywen, the consequences could bless or break his life. 

It is not the gnome's curse or a gypsy's blessing but another magic, far deeper and more powerful, that will change their lives forever.

This was first published in a collection called The Enchanted Faerie. Later, our publishers The Wild Rose Press decided to release it as a standalone novella.

What I love about this is how Our Heroine Daywen does whatever it takes to find true love, even solicit magic. However, it's not so much the magic that does the work as Daywen herself. The little enchanted faerie she buys from a gypsy woman merely lets her know she's on the right track. Everything else that leads her to discover her love is purely of her own motivation. I like heroines that go after what they want.

Buy Links:
TWRP : Barnes&Noble : Kobo : Google Play :  AllRomance : Amazon

For Richer, For Poorer

The Deveraux line is famous...for a family curse. The rich must marry the poor or lose their prosperity. Peter Baring is the last of the Deveraux and sinking slowly into poverty. But will marriage to his icy business partner save him?

Beatrice Nottham dreams of leaving Earth for a fresh start. But only married couples are allowed to move off-world. Marrying a man she’s unsure she loves will solve that problem...but at what cost?

When Beatrice visits England to research her branch of the Deveraux family tree, she meets Peter and sparks fly. Both question everything they ever believed would fulfill their dreams. If they dare to be together, will the Curse follow them beyond the stars? The answer to breaking its power could lie in the heart of a crumbling tapestry...if they have the courage to try.

When I originally wrote this tale, it was to be the last story in an anthology about the family curse. Every single other story was historical romance. Me, I thought I'd take mine in the other direction--namely the future. I think it might be the only Historical Romance novel set in the future.

Meanwhile, I'm plotting out my latest project tomorrow. Join me for "N" on the A to Z Challenge and have your say in what I write about next.

Her Grace shall always love books.

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