Friday, 7 March 2014

Randomosity for the middle of Bunuru

I found this stuff fascinating this week:

Not everyone believes in four Seasons a year.  The Noongar believe in six. After having lived on their land for fifteen-plus years, I completely agree with them.  North American Season marking does not apply in Australia.  Even so, we change our Seasons at the beginning of the month, not on the solstices/equinoces.
So yeah. It's gonna be hot for a little while longer during Second Summer.

That corset is giving him
tremendous lift.
Hercules was a cross-dresser?  Yep, sure was. For some reason, this delicious tidbit of info doesn't get mentioned too often in school.

The Granite Youth Symphony plays some lovely music for you.  Can you believe they're all under the age of 18?

Throughout history, Lefties have gotten a bad rap.  But there may be advantages to being left-handed.

Her Grace comes from a family with a high proportion of southpaws and ambidexters.

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