Saturday, 15 March 2014

Randomosity for Crab Fest

Yesterday was full of other people's birthday parties.  Today was Crab Fest, so I spent the day painting parasols, sampling the wares from Margaret River and eating crab.  Therefore, yesterday's Randomosity is a day late.

Stuff that interested me this week:

Swinburne University offers a class in Astrobiology, as part of their Master of Science (Astronomy) course.

Melissa Hunter makes really cool videos, like Adult Wednesday Addams.  Very cleverly done.

I'm making a One Block Wonder quilt, using a Whack'n'Stack technique (hexagonal kalideoscope). They take some rather busy fabric and turn out something quite beautiful.

I think microloans are a good idea in that they help people in developing third world nations get ahead, thanks to the wealth of first world nations.  We should do more of this.  Kiva is one such microloan site. MicroLoan Foundation Australia caters to us Down Under.

Her Grace has been dwelling on some Very Big Dreams lately. All she needs is the capital, or the time, or both.

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