Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cool Romance Sites

Fan of Romance?  I sure am. And so are lots of other people.

Want to know the latest releases, delve into historical info, or does your Bitch need Helping Out?  Then look no further:

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books:  One of The Best, no-holds-barred romance book review sites. They cover the whole gamut, from Historical to Contemporary, Sweet to Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow. And it's not just their honest-truth book reviews.  They've got all sorts of fun stuff, like the Help a Bitch Out. Read a romance book, but can't remember the title or the author?  Some smart bitch will.  Also, I L O V E! their Romance Novel Reader Workouts.  Grab your nearest 1980's Bodice Ripper and get pumping!

Risky Regencies Love historical with a bit of spice? You're in good company with the ladies of Risky Regencies. Sure you'll get the lowdown of the Books Your Mother Wouldn't Let You Read (But your Crazy Aunt would), but you get a little bit of everything from Regency fashion, culture and society, politics and more. It's a good place to immerse oneself, should one love Regency.

The Dashing Duchesses  Prefer a more genteel approach to your Romance?  You are cordially invited to the drawing room of the Dashing Duchesses. They cover All Things Historical Romance.  Learn to play whist, learn who visited a posting house, encounter a Scoundrel or a Pirate or two.  And the giveaways!  They're always giving away copies of the beautiful books. I won a deliciously dark romance novel just last week!

Jane Austen’s World  Is your Pride and Sense Prejudiced in their Sensibilities?  Come immerse yourself in the world Jane Austen knew.  (Okay, the blur the lines and step a bit outside of the Regency.  Fancy a Georgian cooking lesson?  Or do you want to weigh in on Downton Abbey?  Because if Jane were alive now, we know she'd be completely into Downton, if only to have An Opinion.)  Also a good research site, for those of us who wish to write Regency Romance.

Her Grace loves to visit the 19th Century, but she firmly prefers to live in the 21st.  The Internet and Modern Medicine have won her over.  Best thing: she can still wear Regency Day Dresses if she so chose.

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