Monday, 26 May 2014

Verbose Randomosity (in memoriam)

Adjectives get a bad rap. That may be fulsome at best, defamatory at worst. I believe they should not be banned entirely, as some Grammar Nazis would have one believe.  Here's a list of 100 Exquisite Adjectives for your propitious benefit.

My MFA doesn't need funding, but my MS does.  Did you know you could use crowdfunding to support your education habit?  Well, you can.  But then, if one is clever enough to go to school, one is clever enough to figure out how this works. See you on Graduation Day.

And finally, for American Memorial Day, here's a list of sites to help you find a grave (of someone who's already dead. Not like your own, or someone you wish was dead, or something like that).

  • Lets you search for existing graves by name, with some further identification. Will even pull up a photograph of the gravestone (if on file) and show you its location on a map.  Quite nice to view my great-grandmother's resting place. Worldwide.
  • Gravestone Photographic Resource  For when you want to look up more gravestones. Harriet Hull, does anyone remember you?  Worldwide.
  • Find A Grave Not only will it allow you to find grave info, but will pull up all sorts of fascinating genealogy info. My great-grandmother's photo is of her as a young married woman.  Quite handsome. (Mostly, the photos are of the gravestones themselves.) Also included other genealogy info. Then again, my family is into that sort of thing.  Worldwide.
    • Gossip time, if Google can be believed: Rumoured to be one of the biggest databases. Then it got bought up by and apparently there's a bit of interesting rumours going about the Internet. So if you like a bit of drama with your gravehunting, go for it.
Her Grace always finds the most interesting things during her research.  Ever wonder what goes through an author's head?  That's what Randomosity is for.

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