Monday, 5 May 2014

Top Ten Places to Read a Book

Once upon a time, when books were for the rich, there were certain places one read: the library, fr'example. Comfy chairs in front of a fire, et cetera. Reading was considered an activity for certain places and certain times. One did not see debutantes standing on street corners, the latest novel open in their hands.

Nowadays, books are E V E R Y W H E R E! Yay! Therefore, we read them everywhere. Yes, even on street corners. Some more popular locations include...

  1. In bed. Isn't it obvious? Since children, people read to us bedtime stories. As adults, we continue the tradition of reading to ourselves before we go to sleep. 
  2. On the toilet. Some may blush at this fact, but many people read while taking care of business. The physical body's engaged in something, why not the mind as well? Even that well-known magazine Reader's Digest has a positive reputation for being the preferred reading material of choice while on the can. The Sears Catalogue, on the other hand, is also known to be found behind the Moon Door, but not for its literary content.
  3. On the bus. Or train. Commuting can be a rather dull time. Bring a book and escape to another world. Also, we read at bus stops, waiting for said bus.
  4. In the lunchroom. So yeah. We have our Daye Jobbe to support our reading habit. We must work when we work, but when it's lunchtime, we take our brown bag of sandwiches, find a nice quiet table, and crack open the book. After all, we hadn't quite made it to the end of Chapter Seven on the bus, and we must see how it ends.
  5. In the waiting room. Of course we read there. That's why doctors and dentists stock their waiting rooms with magazines. My chiropractor has a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf full of books. Thoughtful of him.
  6. At the breakfast table. One is often too groggy for good conversation at the breakfast table, but one is never too groggy to read. Why do you think cereal boxes are so popular? Also, if you fell asleep last night before you could finish the last chapter, now's your chance.
  7. Under a tree. "Go outside and get some fresh air," many a child has been told. So they do, book in hand. Nobody said anything about playing ball.
  8. On an airplane. No such thing as a short flight (except for that hop from LAX to Vegas); airline flights can take hours and hours. Luckily, a book can keep you occupied for hours and hours. With the right book, the time simply flies by. That's why bookstores and news agencies are so popular in airports.
  9. In the bathtub. Nothing better than relaxing in a nice, warm tub, favourite beverage by your side, good book in your hand. Just be careful not to drop the book. No book, regardless of its format, enjoys being dropped in the tub.
  10. Awaiting execution. Let's face it--there will be no other time available to you to finish this book before the executioner finishes you. Otherwise, you will never discover how the book ends.

Her Grace wishes you a happy Cinco de Mayo (Mexican Independence Day). Va y coma la comida Mexicana (go and eat Mexican food).

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Anonymous said...

In the laundromat
During the boring Bishop's sermon?
During a politician's speech on budget night?
Waiting for the colour to set at the hairdressers.
while hubby cheers and swears at the television during football... or worse... cricket!
Waiting for road service to get the car started.
waiting f or the doors to open so you get first shot at shoe sale
waiting for my computer to turn on!!!! and wake up. Sigh.

Zara Penney