Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Randomosity in a Galaxy Far Far Away

Happy Star Wars Day for Sunday (May the Fourth be with you.)
My celebrity boyfriend (Richard Armitage)
was in Star Wars I. Alas, his dialogue got cut.

While co-whining with Javelin about the failure of the prequel movies, especially Episode I, (and I get my Fragile Writer's Ego on) he pointed out this excellent article by Rod Hilton on the best order to watch all the Star Wars movies in.

I think we can all agree that Episode I was rather disappointing for so many reasons.

For those who don't like large houses, or who have agoraphobia, or who don't want to spend a lot of money on a Home of Your Own, consider a Tiny House.

Some friends of mine are building a Tiny House and I'm helping. It's satisfying.

Interesting facts:

  • Western Australia has a minimum house size. This is far bigger than my friends want.  However, Sandgroping Tiny House Aficionados can get around this by building their Tiny House on the back of a trailer. Then it becomes a Mobile Home.  (But it's really a Tiny House).
  • You can build a Tiny House for about $25K.  Maybe less if you're clever.
  • Very Compact Appliances exist for Tiny Houses, like itty bitty washing machines, combustible toilets and Thermomixes.

More on Tiny Houses: Tumbleweed; Tiny House Blog; Tiny Houses Australia; Itty Bitty Living.

The latest Simon's Cat episode:

And finally, twenty whole minutes of funny cat videos!  This is what the internet is for!

Her Grace is fascinated by lots of interesting stuff.  Like Richard Armitage.  And cats.  And building tiny houses.  When she was younger, she wanted to grow up to be a Jedi, not so much for the lightsabres (which are cool), but because the Force was such a nifty and useful thing.

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