Friday, 16 May 2014

My fanfic novel redyed: "Savark"

When I was young, I was awfully fond of the pulp novel series Doc Savage.  So, during my screenwriting days at university (right after I did Star Trek), I wrote a screenplay for a Doc Savage movie.

It needed doing.

(Alas, Conde Nast has the rights, and they're very particular about rights.)  So I thought, why not rework it into a novel? So I changed the names, tweaked a few facts, took the Science Wizard himself and made him a real wizard.

Thus I cranked out a novel.  I still didn't have a good mastery of the craft, but I was improving. Probably helped that I'd already written a full screenplay, with developed characters, etc.

Nearly fifteen years later, I idly toy with the idea, realising that this novel really should be a steampunk, should I ever choose to rewrite it again.  I love the characters, think the plot may have merit, and could definitely do a much better job of it now.

While at university, I composed a soundtrack for the screenplay. (It's long, like seven minutes.) It's still one of my favouritest pieces.

Her Grace will always be fond of the Man of Bronze.  Of all her early novels, this one stands the best chance of a rewrite.