Monday, 27 January 2014

Happy Book (re)Birthday!

My novella "As Good As Gold" is out today from Amazon!

This is my story from "The Enchanted Faerie" anthology, released as a single title.

Daywen Athalia wants love--true and lasting. Fearing a future of bitter loneliness, she seeks help from a gypsy woman. The price: a hundred pieces of gold. Daywen's never had two shillings to rub together in her life. Where's she going to find a hundred gold pieces? 

Bel MacEuros made a career of theft from fey creatures. When the cursed gold he rightfully stole from a gnome is taken from him by Daywen, the consequences could bless or break his life. 

It is not the gnome's curse or a gypsy's blessing but another magic, far deeper and more powerful, that will change their lives forever.

If you've already got a copy of TEF, you don't have to get As Good As Gold (though I wouldn't mind if you did).

Feel free to give an honest rating on Amazon or Goodreads if you have read this story.

Her Grace wishes you a Happy Australia Day, mate!

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