Saturday, 11 January 2014

Gratuitious Richard Armitage Post

Because the man is gorgeous in so many ways, inside and out.  

(Cue TASE Day.  After all, it can't be all work and no play.)

Recently, Risky Regencies had a discussion over whether or not his bare bottom shots were the work of a stunt man or stand-in.

I say he does all his own stuntwork, and I offer this web page (selected from many for its erudite accompanying discussion) with select photos as proof.  There's a reason for the nickname "Peaches".

Meanwhile, here is a gratuitious Colin Firth shot. What makes him so sexy is this wet shirt.

Back to Richard, shirtless.  A wet shirt would make those chesticles look even better.  (Hey, nothing a shirt and a bucket of warm water can't fix.)

By the way, did you know Richard was in Star Wars?  Even had a line, which ended up on the cutting room floor, alas.

Meanwhile, here is a non-exhaustive list of place to kiss Richard Armitage.   Me, here's mine:
In the back of a cab.
In the stairwell.
On set.
Off set.
On a balcony.
On a bridge in the rain.
In a sunny meadow.
At the door.
Over an altar.
At the train station.

Did I forget anywhere?

Her Grace also admires Richard because he's sweet, thoughtful, kind, funny, a hard worker and you never hear a bad thing said about him in the gossip rag, unlike so many other celebrities. Her Grace has been looking to him for fame lessons.  He seems to have it down pat.

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