Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Holly's Questions and Answers

1: What are your favourite books from childhood?

The Littles by John Peterson. As I got a little older I read novels by V.C Andrews.

2: When did you start writing romance?

About three years ago. Unless the dramatic poems of my teenage years count...

3: If you ran the world for a day, what would you do?

That's a whopper of a question. :-) I'd plan a world wide conference for today's youths and do my best to encourage and instill a sense of confidence that they can do great things to better their futures. Too ensure it wasn't a wasted conference I find a unique way to make sure they walked away with that ever-lasting feeling of self importance.

4: Who is your favourite romantic hero - real or otherwise?

Mr. Darcy in the end of the "new" Pride and Prejudice movie when he says to Lizzy.. "I will have to tell you, you have bewitched me body and soul. And I love... I love... I love you."


Matthew Perry in Fools Rush in When he says to Selma Hayek, "You are everything, I never knew I always wanted."

And Johnny Depp in Chocolat.... because well... he's Johnny Depp.

When it comes to novels, I don't think I've read a medieval hero I didn't love, my particular favorite is the MacKelter Brothers from Karen Marie Monings The Kiss of the Highlander and The Dark Highlander. And Adam Black in her The Immortal Highlander- Bad guy going good--- doesn't get any better than that.

Real life romantic hero- My hubby does a pretty descent job. :-)

5: Complete this sentence. There is nothing more important in life than......?

My children.

6: How do you find time to write?

Good question. I'll let you know when I figure it out. LOL!
Really, I usually stay awake until the wee hours of the morning when the house is quiet, TV is off and all I hear is the soundtrack I chose to listen to while writing. Other times I write bits and pieces through the day, when I can tune out the noise around me.

7: What book/books are you reading now?

Kingley MacGregor's Return of the Warrior.

Scotland: The History of a Nation (this is a "read a small section at a time" book. A lot of great info to take in.)

The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure For Writers by Christopher Vogler. (I've been milking this one for a while.- but it's a great book.)


Anonymous said...

I love Pride and Prejudice. I have to admit though, Colin Firth in the BBC version can't be beat in the Mr. Darcy role :)

EJ McKenna said...

Huge P&P fan here too. But, when I first read it for high school literature, I just didn't get it. Also, whenever it came to a letter (and they went for pages) I'd skip them.... :-)

I really didn't get it. A few years later, I still had the book on the shelf at home so I figured I'd give it a fresh shot and I adored the whole thing.

Pat Shagoury said...

Thanks for letting us get to know you better, Holly. Your answers about hubby and the kids were sweet. Nice to have a real live hero in addition to the fantasy ones!