Saturday, 8 December 2007

1: What are your favourite books from childhood?

"The Girl With the Silver Eyes" by Willo Davis Roberts has to be my absolute favourite.

2: When did you start writing romance?

When I was a teen. I'd been writing SFF since my age was in single digits, but I had to become a teen to understand the lure of Romance.

3: If you ran the world for a day, what would you do?

a. Say, "Muahahahah! I rule the world!"
b. Get down to the serious business of ruling the world for a day.
c. Ensure adequate education was freely available to everyone in the world, including financial stipends to students who might be in the position of having to choose between school and a job because they need the income.
d. Possibly use my vast global influence for my personal benefit once or twice (in a benevolent way, of course).
e. Live extremely luxuriously for a day.
f. Be glad, on the morrow, that I ruled the world for only one day. I don't think I could do it continually.

4: Who is your favourite romantic hero - real or otherwise?

Anyone here not cognizant of my adoration of Richard Armitage? I love him best as Guy of Gisborne, then I love him as Harry Kennedy in "The Vicar of Dibley", then I adore him as John Thornton in "North & South". If you haven't seen any of these, you are missing out big-time, especially "North & South", possibly one of his best performances.

5: Complete this sentence. There is nothing more important in life than......?

Realizing one's purpose in life and acting to fulfill it.

6: How do you find time to write?

When I had a part-time job and no children, I wrote when I wasn't at work. When I had a full-time job and no children, I wrote for an hour, each way, on the bus to/from work. When I had a part-time job and one child, I wrote in the afternoons. When I was pregnant, I couldn't write at all, even to save my life. When I had a part-time job, two daughters, a dozen music students and a house that needs cleaning, I have little time for writing.

I wrest it from the children from time to time, I'll time-share it from my job, if it's a quiet week, I'll steal it while in bed with a laptop and I'll often forgo watching TV or some other unproductive leisure activity. However, until the daughters are a bit older, I don't have nearly enough writing time for my happiness.

But I can be patient.

7: What book/books are you reading now?

I'm currently working my way through Amanda Quick's work. I like her style with it's touch of humour.


EJ McKenna said...

I love that we'd be dictators, but we'd be benevolent dictators :-)

Holly Greenfield said...

I love North & South! One of my favorite movies. The whole set. LOL! My mom used to get the VHS installments twice a month from a movie club, when I was 12. We waited anxiouly for each one.

Zara Penney said...

He was so delightful in the Robin Hood series I wanted to throw a book at Maid Marion.

Why on earth would you want a guy who lives in a mossy forest, with a bunch of guys who don't use deodorant, have a barbecue every night, and doesn't seem to have any real career in mind, when you have Sir Guy, a house, a few diamonds, and probably a very busy kitchen full of dishwashers after your final burp of appreciation of your meal...