Saturday, 26 March 2016

New short story collection - A Lady of Many Charms and Other Stories

A Lady of Many Charms and Other Stories

Three tales--one past, one present, one future--explore what it is to love and just how far someone would go for the love of another.

The Past: Lady Daphne Collister is unimpressed with her fellow magic-wielding debutantes. She finds their methods overbearing. Surely there was a better way of finding a noble husband in Regency England?

The Present: Ellie loves Josh. Josh barely knows Ellie exists. For her, it is not enough to sit behind him at school every day. What must Ellie do to get Josh to notice her? How about a love spell? After all, what could go wrong?

The Future: Leo and his co-worker Katerina have fallen in love. Secretly, of course, for office romance is illegal and all marriages are strictly regulated. There’s only one exception: the Valentine Raffle. But to win at love, Leo and Katerina may need to cheat the system...


I've put together a collection of three Romance stories for your enjoyment. Also, I've included a preview of my upcoming book "Her Endearing Young Charms".

A Lady of Many Charms - Historical Fantasy, originally published in Hero & Heroine #1.
Ellie Loves Josh - Paranormal (contemporary) Fantasy, originally published in Planet Relish.
The Valentine Raffle - Science Fiction, originally published in Hero & Heroine #2.

Your price?  Free. (Will be free on Amazon as soon as price matching catches up. Meanwhile, two bucks.)

Can download for free directly from Smashwords, Draft2Digital and should be available for free at your favourite ebook retailer soon.

If you do download and read it, please do me a great favour and review it on a reputable review site of your choice (Amazon or Goodreads, etc). Leaving an honest review is one of the best things you can do for an author (other than buying their books, of course).  Plus, you can tell your friends, family and other readers about it. This is how most people discover great books.

Thanks to the fabulous Tara Maya for this gorgeous cover. Go buy her stuff, especially The Unfinished Song series, which is really, really good.

Her Grace wants you to enjoy some good stories.

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