Thursday, 31 March 2016

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Okay, under pressure from my fellow Reiders, I am participating again this year. I will also take on board the lessons I learned from last year for a better blogging experience.

Goals this year:

  • Short and sweet posts.
  • Interesting is optional.
  • All AtoZ posts will be connected to reading books in one way or another.
  • Questions for visitors are mandatory.
  • TASE Day is always on-topic here.
  • Will I ask you to read my books? Yes I will.
Her Grace is questioning her sanity and may rant from time to time. She finds it most interesting to note that at the time of signup, she is blog # 1701. This is a very cool thing. (Guaranteed this number will change, but for today, she is the Enterprise.)

1 comment:

Mars said...

I'm doing very short and sweet this year, I worry it's too short, then blog hop, then realise I'm being kind by not writing much ;)

Good luck with the challenge!

Mars xx
@TrollbeadBlog from
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