Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Words I Like

Some words have a real likeability to them, either for their sounds or their meanings.

Cellardoor. This is probably the perennial favourite of lots of people for its soft, sibilant consonants and long, smooth vowels. And you have to admit, when that tornado warning siren goes off, a cellardoor is mighty appealing.

Lackadaisical. The word is just full of whimsy, possibly the same whimsy that drives the person who is lackadaisical in their attitudes towards something. I wonder if someone could be described as a "lackadaisy"?

Schadenfreude. Okay, this is a German word that's currently being appropriated into the English language. It has no direct translation but it means taking joy in the pain of others. Normally I wouldn't advocate nurturing a permanent attitude of schadenfreude, but every once in a while, when someone you dislike has something bad happen to them, you can't help but feel a touch of schadenfreude.  Also, any video that features some poor dad getting whacked in the goolies by his kid learning to play T-ball. (I'm sure Mom's around to kiss it better.)

Rhythm. Don't you just love it. Depending on how strict your definition is on vowels, you could consider this word to be vowelless. Nevertheless, give the R a slight roll, and this word becomes a lot of fun to say.

Effervescence.  Essentially, it means bubbly. But unlike "Bubbly", this word doesn't evoke Mr Bubble bubble bath or a glass of Diet Coke. No. This word evokes a luxurious warm bath in a cast iron claw-footed tub with rose-scented bubbles, sipping a glass of fine imported French champagne. With a delicate strawberry in the bottom of the glass. And smooth jazz playing in the background.

Decolletage. What a fancy word for one's bustline, especially the bit of the bust sitting up above the bustline of one's Regency gown. The word "Decolletage" also hints at a bit of sophistication. This is a beautiful bustline that's not too low or overly revealing. Otherwise, you lose your decolletage and end up with something more horrifying like nip-slip. How terribly gauche.

What are some of your favourite words?

Her Grace will sometimes choose certain words over others, simply because of their elegant sound. She is also fond of alliteration.

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