Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I donated blood today

I'm a regular blood donor (A+, thenkyew). Today was another day at the donor centre.
Me coming out of the donor centre.

Today was a good donation. I admit I had some trepidation today, mostly because my sleep cycle's been off thanks to staying up late for New Year's, and then spending another night up late doing research. (I know, more fool me.)  I don't tolerate well when I'm short on sleep. And really, who likes needles at the best of times?

But this time, the centre was in a quiet hour, the needlestick was smooth, my bloodflow was quick and I didn't bruise at all. Nice!

I chatted with the phlebotomist about interesting things, including our mutual love of chocolate, and what happens if the donor centre has to be evacuated in case of a fire (it's not a simple process).

So I'm good for another three months, unless I choose to donate plasma. I've got Really Good Veins, so I shall have to consider this. Plasma donations can happen every two weeks.

Have you considered donating blood or plasma? Until we develop the technology for blood synthesis, our vital blood supply must be supplied from the arms of healthy humans.

Now go read my books.

Her Grace gives you three chances to guess which arm was drawn today.

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