Friday, 9 January 2015

Randomosity at Disneyland

Today we are all about the entertainment (or at least, things that entertain me).

First up, this video of Gaston being challenged to a push-up contest.

Yeah. he's got egg on his face.

And now, to judge some book covers by their, um, covers, check out these Lousy Book Covers. (Don't do what Donnie Don't does.)  As I browsed through this site, I checked out some of the books behind these awful covers, and some of them were sitting at a respectable 4 & 5 stars on Amazon. Huh. Who knew?  Either that, or those authors have some really dedicated mates.

Alas, most of them are suffering from poor sales. Covers have a rather strong influence in marketing, more than these authors realised.

A note to many indie authors: "indie" doesn't have to mean "amateurish".  You can design your own cover if you want. At the very least, have some random stranger give their honest opinion before you post your cover. There must be some site somewhere that will critique covers before you make the marketing mistake of putting up a bad cover. Oh look, there is.

If you have any vision left in your right eye, soothe it with these winners from the Cover Design Awards.  I'm taking notes from these.

Now, back to Gaston. After his triumphant win over push-up guy, here's a girl who's challenged him to arm wrestling. Go redhead! You're my hero today.

Her Grace hasn't been to Disneyland in about thirty years. Maybe it's time to go back.

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