Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Winter: we hates it, we does

So while my social media is full of people rejoicing in the advent of Summer, and how nice and warm it is, and look at all the fresh young high school graduates, and now that Summer Vacation is here, life can commence with earnest and Lots of Authors are going to get Lots of Writing done, now that Seasonal Affective Disorder is but a distant memory...

...there are an Antipodean handful of us who are muttering away in darkness.  It may be Summer for some, but it is only Summer for half the planet.  The other half is stuck in dark, wet, misery.

Bah, I say!

While you bask in your warm boreal sunshine, sipping American-style lemonade while the kids splash away in the pool, I am eagerly counting the days to the Cancerian Solstice, when finally the sun will turn and head back down here to the Lucky Country.

As I look outside today at our stormy weather, I cannot see my shadow; there are six more weeks of Makuru left.

Okay, so we desperately need the rain.  But does it have to be so cold?

Her Grace finds it difficult to write, not because of the dark or the winter, but because her fingers are cold.

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