Wednesday, 4 June 2014

English was once a more rhotic language

Want to hear Shakespeare performed in the original Klingon English accent, as QE1 might have heard it?

Shakespeare in Original Pronunciation (OP): A very fascinating explanation of how Shakespeare's plays and sonnets may have been pronounced.  Suddenly, I understand why he considered "prove" and "love" rhymes. Includes an explanation as to why they believe this is the more correct pronunciation.

I found the comparison of lines fascinating. The accent of OP sounds more grounded to me, possibly because of its rhotic R pronunciation.  Certainly less plummy than RP (Received Pronunciation, which many upper-class English and NPR dj's prefer).

Okay, here's Khamlet in the original Klingon.  You knew it existed:

Her Grace has Khamlet somewhere on her bookshelves. She hasn't, however, read the whole thing. 

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