Friday, 6 June 2014

My Contemporary YA Novel: Mormon Molly

Thought I'd attempt a contemporary YA novel. Attempt is a very good word for it.  I completely failed this one by being totally boring with boring characters, boring plot, blatantly preachy and everything else that can turn off a reader.  Happy for this one to remain in the trunk.

Besides, better Molly Mormon novels have been written.

Molly grew up in Utah, she and another half-million Mormons.  As the dominant culture, everyone tried to look like everyone else.  Such was life behind the Zion Curtain.

One day a new girl started at Molly's high school.  She was not from Utah and she was not Mormon!  
Could it be possible that someone not Mormon could be a good person?  [Well, duh, yes. Molly learns several Valuable Life Lessons. Why am I boring you with this crap?]

I can't believe I once thought writing contemporary YA was a good idea. What was I thinking?

To make up for such a bad book idea, here's some pictures of cats, Mormon-themed:

Her Grace solemnly swears never to attempt a contemporary YA novel ever again.  Ever.

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