Monday, 21 April 2014

Top Ten Peeves for Book Lovers

We love our books, but it is an imperfect love. Here is a top ten list of Peeves for Book Lovers.

In no particular order:

  1. Cheap trade paperbacks whose spine glue breaks enough for individual pages to slip out -or- discovering missing pages from a really good book you're reading because of this.
  2. When that spine glue breaks on first opening.
  3. Incomplete series. (I'm looking at you, Anne et Serge.)
  4. Inability to locate a book in a series (ie, it's listed as "missing" at the library, the bookstore doesn't carry it and it never shows up when they order it, Amazon's out of stock, etc.)
  5. You have to wait a whole year before the next book in the series comes out.
  6. That book you had to study in English Lit class. 
  7. Someone recommends a book as Really Good, only it turns out to be full of dull plots, flat characters, blatant bigotry or leprosy-ridden rapists.
  8. Long-winded literary style that bogs down the pace. Also, why does Litrachoor have to be so depressing? (Exception: Paulo Coelho. Go read his stuff.)
  9. Bad cover art:  butt-ugly; has nothing to do with the book; pornographic Fuschia Fabio Lust Covers (aka 1980's Romance bodice-rippers); terrible brown 1970's literary covers.
  10. You finally find a Really Good Book cover-to-cover, and it's too short.

What peeves you off about books?

Her Grace loves books.  But yeah.  There are moments.

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