Monday, 28 April 2014

Top Six Ways to Hide a Book

For those of us addicted to books, we have had times we've needed to hide what we're reading, or even that we were reading. (Hello, my name is Heidi and I'm a chronic reader...)

I've had more than my fair share of getting in trouble in class for reading novels. And then, in the 80's, I had to hide the fact I was reading trashy Historical Romance bodice-rippers with fuschia covers.

Here's my Top Six Ways to Hide a Book:
  1. Hiding it behind another book (usually a textbook). Classic hide. Can also use a folder/clipboard or a magazine. I have seen some Classic Literature book covers to hide our favourite Trashy Books.
  2. Bag it. Keep the book in a purse or a pencil case. Sneak a read while looking to dig around in your purse.
  3. Book covers. In junior high, all our textbooks had to be covered. Most people used brown bag paper--cheap, plentiful and... opaque. So, is that a pocket dictionary or a Jude Deveraux on my desk?
  4. Camoflauge. DVD cases, cereal boxes, anything square-shaped and book-sized can hide a book. Doesn't even have to be square-shaped. I've seen book covers that look like teddy bears (If you consider being seen carrying around a teddy bear preferable to carrying around a copy of Fifty Shades of Gray or Lady Chatterley's Lover). 
  5. eBook reader. If you don't mind letting people know you're reading, but don't want them to what you're reading, an ebook reader hides the identity of your novel from your fellow bus-passengers. Also, it's really easy to disguise an ebook reader as a tablet. Are you reading a cozy mystery, or are you browsing Facebook?
  6. Different format: audiobooks are the commuter's friend. Also, stick your iPod earphones in, and nobody knows you're listening to a book, especially if you include a rhythmic head-bop. Ebooks on phones?  For all your fellow commuters know, you're playing Angry Birds.

How have you hidden your reading habit?  Or are you out of the closet?  Or are you in a twelve-step?

Her Grace has had an issue with reading when/what she wasn't supposed to.  Thus, the background in literature subterfuge.

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