Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Do Not Fear Genre Fiction.

If you are a literary reader, do not fear genre fiction

Lit and Life will read genre fiction.

At first, it may seem shallow and trite to read if you’re not used to it.   Genre novels are meant to be readily accessible.  Doesn’t mean they lack substance. 

Genre fiction tends to be plot-driven.  It’s about stuff happening.  This will be the primary motivational force.  This plot will often function within a worldbuilding frame, thus giving rise to a “genre” category (ie, Western, or Romance or Science Fiction, etc).  Certain elements and supertext will be present, thus “uncluttering” the text and allowing the plot to unfold at a certain pace.

Plot-driven fiction will have a certain rhythm in the plot beats or “events”.  Slow plots tend to bore genre readers, as they’re more interested in “what happens next”, and not necessarily “here we are”.

Consider genre fiction a kind of “mystery”.  You’re given a few very important clues as to your characters and their dilemma. Then let the plot unfold, noting the character’s impact on how this unfolding takes place.  Characters will have motivations and goals.  Plot tension comes when the characters are thwarted in achieving these goals.  Select elements of their character will be revealed along the way as they encounter the plot and how they react to it.  Does the character receive satisfaction at the end of the plot, or did they have to compromise?

More on genre fiction categories.  Meanwhile...

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Her Grace is fond of genre fiction of all kinds (not just Romance). Yes, it's all about the jet packs. They're awesome.

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