Friday, 30 November 2007

Works for me

I'm a huge Heroes fan - I even like the second season!

Perhaps the reason I haven't noticed volume 2's slow pace, is because Peter Petrelli keeps finding ways to get his shirt off. (Do you think I could find a photo of that? Come on interwebs, help me out).

Here he is, looking like he could either make you a latte to die for, or blow up the world. He could very well be wearing one of those badges that says, "51 % friendly waiter, 49 % rogue arsonist, don't push it".

However, the real Peter - actor Milo Ventimiglia - doesn't work for me. I mean, good on you for being vegetarian. You're helping the environment by not adding to the massive global demand for meat... but *sigh* it's just not for me. 


Holly Greenfield said...

I was his fan during his Gilmore Girls days. I always struggled between him (Jesse) and Logan. :-)

EJ McKenna said...

Hasn't he, em, *filled out* well between seasons?

Holly Greenfield said...

LOl! He has.