Friday, 30 November 2007

Putting it all together

As editor for this absolutely awesome anthology, I can honestly say the easiest part was choosing the authors to participate.

Each author was hand-chosen to be part of the anthology because of their amazing talent. And each of them brings something entirely different to the book, leaving you, the reader, with an amazing read.

I had a lot of fun developing the storyline, creating the setting, and choosing names for each of the main characters.

These six amazing authors did the rest. As editor, I got to read each story before anyone else, and I can honestly tell you I couldn't put them down.

I can almost guarantee you'll be the same.

Every story is totally unique in its own way, despite the fact each author had the exact same assignment but had to use the character name allocated to them.

At this stage we don't have a release date, but we'll be sure to post it as soon as we know.


EJ McKenna said...

Well, my head just won't fit through the door now :-)

I am also trying to work out a way to make the links open out to a new page, rather than removing the reader from this blog.

Blogger sure has added a lot of features since the last time I used the site.

Zara Penney said...

Well she of the swollen head will just have to buy a house with bigger doors!

I have to (Oh the pain of technology) work out once more how to link my blog to here. For one who cannot remember how to play a dvd if she doesn't use the machine at least once a month, this is all very challenging.


EJ McKenna said...

Zara, I've added your link on the side bar, so I think I nearly have everyone connected.

Cheryl Wright said...

Reduce those heads ladies, you've many more stories to write!

Holly Greenfield said...

The bigger the head- the more stories it can hold, right? :-)