Thursday, 2 February 2017

Lovely review of "The White Feather"

Mosey on over to Cupcakes and Popcorn to see their lovely review of "The White Feather".

Part I like the best:

"With no small amount of witty dialogues – courtesy of our dear ghost – and beautiful, innocent romance, this book is certainly something else. While ghost romance has become quite popular recently, I found this one to be a much better choice than other titles of this kind I’ve read."

My thanks to Anastasia and Lydia for this happy review.

As for the rest of you? Have you read it yet? If you have, do me a solid and post your honest review to Amazon, Goodreads or wherever you prefer to review.

Haven't got your copy yet?! (Surely not! Time to rectify.)

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Also available in paperback for those who like heft.

Her Grace plans on having more witty dialogue in "The Charm of Truth", out soon.

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