Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Palentine's Day!

Yeah, you heard me. Pal-entine's.

Far too many people feel angst at a day where the blatant celebration of romantic relationships is rather painful.

Don't get hung up on thinking that Romance = Woe-mance and Eros is the only love god. If you think 14 Feb is only for people bumping uglies (or attempting to), then you're shortchanging yourself.

Love exists in all forms. The wise woman realises this and celebrates the love she does have in her life, however it appears.

Celebrate your pals (friends) and any other relationships you've got that brings enrichment to your life.

What I did:

1. Brought valentine heart candy for my co-workers at the Day Job. We spent some time talking about what we liked about our jobs (such as the geographical convenience, and we don't have any weird dysfunctional co-workers).

2. Gave Their Ladyships a box of chocolates. Sharing is a kind of love.

I wish I had the wisdom to celebrate Palentine's Day when I was young and (sadly) single. I would have been much happier with myself if I had known this.

Her Grace will still continue to write Romance novels, not so much for the celebration of love, but the celebration of happiness.

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