Friday, 20 March 2015

Top Ten Excuses for My Next Book Being Late

GloamingPowder understands.

  1. Oh, midnight your time. I thought you meant the deadline was midnight my time...
  2. My printer ran out of ink. (Ignore the fact that all my mss are emailed nowadays.)
  3. My semester's final essay was due at the same time. (Ain't no way I'm risking failure at school, especially when I'm paying them.)
  4. The hospital had no wifi, so I couldn't email it to you.
  5. Oh, I've got until Friday... what do you mean, Friday was yesterday?
  6. Teething baby.
  7. Severe Tropical Cyclone Pam.
  8. I gave up deadlines for Lent.
  9. Stupid #%$*! story's not coming together!
  10. Zzzzz.... Zzzzzz.... Zzzzzz....

Her Grace has too many deadlines at the moment


Donna L Martin said...

Hi there!

I'm stopping by as many blogs as I can while getting ready for the A to Z Challenge next month. Good luck with the challenge and if you get a chance, why not stop by my blog at I write children's books, middle grade and young adult...

Take care,

Donna L Martin

Tracy Buzynski said...

Top 10 Love it! and your name Her Grace the Dutchess! What a hoot. Thanks for the comments on my blog