Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year - Astronomy Forecast for 2015

In one of my other lives, I'm an astronomer, so I'm looking forward to a year full of fun astronomy stuff. Granted, 2014 was also interesting, from eclipses and occultations to landing a little Philae on a comet.

I can't think of a single human who doesn't get a kick out of looking up into the night sky, especially when they know what's up there. You wanna hook a human on astronomy forever? Show 'em Saturn through a telescope. That'll set 'em up for life.

Universe Today has compiled the Top 101 Astronomical Events for 2015. Guaranteed there will be something in there to catch your interest.

Because a year is an astronomical measurement, I thought I'd share this list with you.

  • Comets Lovejoy and PanSTARRS may become visible to the naked eye.
  • Lots of planetary conjunctions (ie clusters of "Evening Stars" as the planets pair up for a few nights).
  • A total lunar eclipse.
  • New Horizons visits Pluto. Whether or not you accept it's Dwarf Planet status, you have to admit this is gonna be totally cool.
  • Philae may wake up. I hope so.
 So turn your eyes heavenwards for 2015. There's lots of exciting stuff happening up there.

Her Grace can't remember if she wanted to be an author before she wanted to be an astronomer, or vice-versa. It was so, so long ago.

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