Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Create an Artistic Life - Part 3 - Behave like a Pro

Professional behaviour will help further your career. Consider developing these habits.

Treat other people well. This is one of the biggest marks of professionalism. Even if you disagree with the other person, treat them well, treat them respectfully. This will take you far--even if not in the other person's eyes, it will in someone else's eyes. This aspect of your reputation may tip a balance in your favour.

Be serious about your craft. Your dedication will show in your work. Constantly work towards improvement.

Be organised. Don't believe the adage about "controlled chaos". There is no such thing. Chaos will suck your creativity. Trust me. There is no art to chaos.

Actively seek out opportunity. Because it ain't gonna come find you.

Don't be a dick. This may seem obvious, but sometimes people act like dicks without realising their dickishness. Develop the awareness of how you present. If you're consciously acting like a dick, think twice. Do you really want to be known as a dick?

Be proactive. Especially in kindness. Be proactive in all positive aspects of your life.

Her Grace says "you", but what she really means is "me".

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