Monday, 28 July 2014

True Love

Last week I received my galleys for my next project, FOR RICHER, FOR POORER, out later from The Wild Rose Press.

By the time you get to galley stage, you've read this manuscript dozens, if not hundreds of times. By the time I'd gotten to the final round of edits, I was feeling pretty sick of the book.

Then the galley arrived. Last chance to fix mistakes and make any final edits. My stomach whined at the thought of having to read FRFP One. More. Time. (actually, twice; once forward, once backwards).

But as I began to read, I realised this was the last time I would read the ms before it was published.

As I read, I kept my eye open not only for grammar neeps and name misspellings, but also for plot and character. When I read through, I read it as if I was seeing it for the first time. I read it as the story I'd originally envisioned.

I fell in love with it again.

I finished my edits and sent my notes back to my editor with a cheerful heart, because I knew I'd completed a good story.

The world may love it, or the world may hate it. But for now, I absolutely love this story! I am not ashamed--nay, I am very proud to have this beautiful little tale out for the world to enjoy.

Her Grace eagerly awaits the finals of the cover art and publication date so she can share the love.

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