Friday, 4 July 2014

My first published Novella: "As Good As Gold" (The Enchanted Faerie)

Is a novella a novel, only really small, or is it a short story with pretensions?  I'll leave that up to you.

I found myself wasting spending quite a few years focusing on short stories, non-fiction articles and other small projects.  I'd forgotten novels, somewhat.  I'm sorry that it took me so long to get back to writing novels, but I'm not sorry for what I learned as a writer of shorts.

Long-story-short, a handful of us who'd been published in a serial magazine that flopped after a few issues decided to get together and do a "serial novel" (or is it an anthology with the stories tied together? Again, up to you).

We came up with a theme, a setting, a connecting character and an idea: if a young maiden seeks love and can lay her hands on a hundred pieces of gold, she can rent a magical fairy from a gypsy woman, that will help her find that true love.  Each author (there were six of us), were given a character and told to write a story.

I got Daywen Athalia; I wrote "As Good As Gold".  We pitched it to The Wild Rose Press, and they took it on. They published it hardcopy and ebook, and for the next five years we got paid royalties every quarter.

My story got good reviews.  For that, I was pleased.  I'd done a good job.

Recently, The Wild Rose Press published my story as a standalone ebook. Go buy, either from Amazon, or directly from The Wild Rose Press website.  Leave a review.

Her Grace is happy to have finally published something longer than a short.  Some day, she hopes to publish a long, preferably by some random penguin.

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