Monday, 3 February 2014

Read lots, says Teddy.

Book Riot had an excellent post from Jeremy Anderberg on American President Teddy Roosevelt's thoughts on reading.

Framed into about ten rules, it covers topics such as, "Read what you want."  "Read lots."  "Don't be ashamed of what you read."  "Novels are good for you."

I found it interesting that a man as busy as Teddy Roosevelt managed to read an entire book before breakfast. (Meanwhile, I have a hard enough time believing in one impossible thing before breakfast, ne'ermind six.)   Hint: he was a speed reader.

Thus, today's questions:

Can you speed read? If so, do you enjoy devouring your books in that manner?

Me, I prefer a nice, leisurely pace when I read.  I'm a movie major and picked up the habit of slow reading for pacing from school.  Sure, it takes me longer to read a book, but I like it like that.

Her Grace once learned how to speed read.  It is, however, a skill, like tap dance, she failed to retain.

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