Friday, 20 December 2013

Character-based vs Plot-based

A simple comparison between a character-based book and a plot-based book:

Character-based:  Hi, I’m your best friend.  Or not.  Maybe I’m the guy who lives down the street.  And I got issues.  But hey, I’m interesting.  Life sucks, but we’ll get over it.  Or not.  Relate to who I am, if you can. Elements of me are echoing in you.
Plot-based:  Let’s go on an adventure!  Stuff’s gonna happen.  Oh no!  I didn’t expect that.  How are we going to solve that issue?  Whoa!  Plot-twist.  Hey, is it loud in here?  Is that a herring? It looks red. Ohmigosh! Will we survive? (Well, duh, yeah.  But how?)  How will we get through this?

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