Monday, 23 September 2013

Bargain Bin Book

About a week after I acquired the last Bargain Bin book, I found another.

Australia Post is a very fascinating place, far more fascinating and useful than the United States Postal Service.  Australia Post really is awesome.

So I'm standing in line there the other day.  They've cleverly arranged merchandise bins along the way so you can browse during your brief wait for Barry the Postal Employee.  (He and I have a complicated relationship.)  While I'm waiting, hoping to get Helen the Postal Employee, my eyes spied a super-discounted novel in the Bargain Bin.

Ooh, Mary Higgins Clark!  And mere pennies (well, gold coins, really).
I think the cover art is merely
to fill in the negative space around
the name and the blurb.
Oh, there seems to be a title.

The cover art was meh, but Mary Higgins Clark!

The title: WHERE ARE YOU NOW?  Is that intriguing or what?
Loved the logline on the cover: "How long would you keep up the search for your missing child?"  Oh, that plays the heartstrings.

The back cover blurb also featured this: "How far would you go to keep a secret?"

The blurb was also hooky.  First few pages I found a bit info-dumpy, but I was willing to persist. After all, MHC has a well-deserved reputation for thrillers and suspense.

What books have you pulled out of the Bargain Bin?  Were they worth it, or did you overpay?

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