Tuesday, 16 February 2010

belated Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was quiet for me this year. I don't have a special someone at the moment, so no bouquets of roses, boxes of chocolates or nice dinners out. I did get a really nice card from my neighbour, who's become a good friend this past year. That was sweet. And I did get a couple of cute Valentine's emails from friends, so that was special. Oh, and my Mom called to wish me Happy Valentines. So all in all, I can't complain. I made myself a nice dinner and rented the movie "Whip It" (which sounds like a really dirty movie, but isn't...lol..honest) It's a cute film set in the world of women's roller derby and directed by Drew Barrymore. I totally enjoyed it.

I got thinking about my favourite Valentine's Day. It was many years ago when I was young and just launched into the working world. I had a lovely boyfriend at the time, who was quite romantic. We happened to work in the same place, and he arranged a scavenger hunt for me that lasted the whole day. It started with a china rose and a note left on my desk in the morning. It directed me at break time to a cupboard where I found a lovely original poem and another note for the next break in the day. It went like this all day long. I was in a state of anticipation all day and could hardly concentrate on my duties. I found a chocolate treat at one stop, and a gorgeous thoroughly romantic card at another. My final gift was given to me that evening when my boyfriend gave me a lovely necklace I still have to this day. Unfortunately the relationship didn't last, but the memories from that exciting day linger.


Sallie said...

Memories are magic. :)

Zara Penney said...

I am a bit in the same boat. My husband was probably busy bestowing the floozie he is living with. Funny. I write romance and she gets to spend time with my former best friend. (Yes the one in the dedication on our anthology). It's a syndrome I discovered.
So sad but I thank God I write. I didn't lose my imagination. He was kind enough to leave me that.