Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Love Letters part 18

Today's love letter brought to you by Feath's Bookcase and the Genre-less Random Idea Generator.

Your Main Character is a(n): female
Your MC's main character trait is their: obsession
The Main Symbol in the story is a(n): rock
Theme point is: Lust
Your story will start at/on/in: a tree top

Exhibit C
Item(s): Leaves (four), found under the deceased.
Text reads:
Leaf 1: "I love you! Pls look up"
Leaf 2: "up here is a marvelous place. Join me?"
Leaf 3: "I want u at my side. come up!"
Leaf 4: "Pls look up I'm waiting 4 u"

Exhibit B
Item(s): Rock (one), found next to the deceased.
Text reads: "Look up!!"

Exhibit A
Item(s): Leave (one), found on top of the deceased.
Text reads: "Sorry..."

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