Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Love Letters 13

The story she told the grandkids:

"So he took me out for this lovely dinner and then we went on a romantic drive. After that, he gave me a book."

Today I declare "Pride & Prejudice" Day. For your delight and edification, we present the following offerings:

YouTube: Mister Darcy Goes For a Dive.

BooksShouldBeFree: Free mp3 Audio book of "Pride & Prejudice" (zipped into one file for your convenience).

Project Gutenberg: Pride & Prejudice in html, txt, PDF and Plucker. (Other Project Gutenberg goodies for Jane Austen including several audiobook versions of P&P.)

Also freely available at your local library and bookshop (both new and used).

Which version of "Pride & Prejudice" is your favourite?

Most people agree that Colin Firth is the best Mister Darcy to date. This may be true only because they have not yet cast Richard Armitage.

There are those who believe that Our Richard might do better than Our Colin as Mister Darcy: "Some are even claiming that Richard Armitage (as Mr. Thornton) has "de-throned" Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy as the ultimate brooding romantic hero."[1]

So, who would make the better Mister Darcy? Colin Firth or Richard Armitage?

Meanwhile, here is a lovely conversation between Fitzwilliam Darcy and John Thornton from the excellent web site Foolish Passion.

[1] BBC Masterpiece Reviews: North & South.


Laura Essendine said...

Colin Firth is definitely Darcy whilst RA is perfect as the less polished northerner in North and South.

There are far too many posh blokes on TV. Let's have some real men with northern accents! Let's hope the BBC film everything by Bronte and Gaskill and cast RA in every leading role!

Laura Essendine
Author – The Accidental Guru
The Books Limited Blog

Shanna said...

hmmmm, NO! Colin Firth is the best and only Mr. Darcy. I liked Richard in North and South, but he is missing that underling charm and charisma that Colin Firth possesses. He doesn't have the eyes that Colin Firth has which can turn from steely and brooding to soft, warm, and glowing with love. Richard is missing that special something.

Ebony McKenna. said...

Oh no! Don't make me choose!