Saturday, 22 November 2008

Happy Release Day!

You're invited to the party.

Today I and my fellow Romance Spinners celebrate the eBook Release Day for
"The Enchanted Faerie", out today from The Wild Rose Press.

To celebrate, we have brought some cake:

And a cheese platter:

Because you are a very special guest at our party, we would like to give you a gift. Please have, with our compliments, this lovely free eBook of Scottish recipes, faerie lore and excerpts from each story of "The Enchanted Faerie".

Have a beautiful day and happy reading!


Hywela Lyn said...

Congratulations on the release. It's such a thrill - I'm still glowing after getting the first print copies of 'Starquest'!

I wish you all a wonderful release day, and thanks so much for the download.

amandajane17 said...

Thanks ladies am downloading the lovely pressie.

Congrats on the book it looks wonderful.

And yes indeedy that is one of the best vids of the divine Mr A.

That smooth,rich,deep chocolate and velvet voice pouring poetry into our
ears *swoon*.

Holly Greenfield said...

I love the cake, Heidi!